KsVirtual – blockchain-based VR platform

KsVirtual is a platform that has already proved itself in several countries as the chief developer of portable planetariums. Now they originated virtual planetariums for pupils using Virtual Reality technology. In utterly six months, more than 300,000 personalities downloaded the application, and they also released the Virtual Planetarium vote, which is now available in some towns. KsVirtual has drawn the attention of more than 500,000 kids about the experience of celestial objects and other space phenomena. The company has made the biggest chain of traveling planetariums. Mobile space museums have attracted kids to the study of the sun, moon, planets, galaxies, stars, meteorites, comets, asteroids, and different celestial bodies known to man.

Advantage Blockchain technology

Since it will base on the Blockchain VR Platform, the project’s economy will be transparent and open to all members of the ecosystem. It will serve as content creators and venues for the content to be posted clearly and transparently to the distribution of funds among participants, making the cost of the product more affordable to consumers.
It will allow a more in-depth study of natural phenomena, the principles of mechanisms, the functioning of the body. Not all applications will be fully interactive. Some of them will be a panoramic video of 360 degrees. Other videos will be a complete simulation of the processes. The applications will be linked together. For example, after the study of human anatomy by users, they will be offered materials about organs and tissues. Through the encyclopedia, VR people will discover not the secrets of history, physical principles, wonders of light, technological features of production, distant stars, and the planet.
Advantages of the blockchain platform:

1. Intra-platform payments are transparent.
2. Commissions are insignificant.
3. Copyright is a priority.
4. Blockchain is the guarantor of independence and stability.
5. The community has the right to manage content.
6. Tokens have purchased after the registration process.

About KSE tokens

It is planned to build its economic infrastructure based on KSE tokens. Everyone who wants to enter the platform will get them, thus ensuring economic growth. There are reputational scores to assess the professionalism of the project participants.
Visit us – https://ks-virtual.com/

Contact Detail:

Contact Person: Media Relations
Address: 8 Finance St, st #912, Central
Country: HongKong
Website Url: https://ks-virtual.com

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