Stay Out of these Diet Myths, while trying to lose your body weight

Dieting myths are many and they are staying here for long. Various advices on dieting is available everywhere for free of cost and internet also contributes a lot to it. But the real dieting advice should be scientific and as per the advice of an expert dietician.

You need not weigh yourself every day while you are on diet. You need not give more importance to the weighing scale than it actually deserves. You need not also avoid eating carbohydrates at night to lose your body weight. You can eat fruits or starchy vegetables at night and you will not gain body weight.

There is a myth about eating Gluten free diet to lose body weight. But it is not true. A Gluten free diet is also not a healthy alternative and certainly not a weight loss diet. Gluten free diet may also keep you deprived from Vitamins, Minerals and fibers that is needed by your body.

You should also be clear about that All Calories are not Created Equal. Calories differ from the type of food it comes from. And you should not think only about the calories. You should take into consideration of every good thing a quality food brings to you. The Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Carbohydrates and Proteins are supplied to you through good food only.

You can combine your food if you are on the weight loosing spree. You can safely combine your Protein and Carbohydrate foods while you are on diet. The days of sticking only to fruits and this type of things are over.

The Myth of drinking more water to help you shed more body weight is also not to be paid any attention to. And there is also no truth in the claim that eating lte at night will cause you to gain body weight.

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