Even The Goodest Boy will Bark For These New CBD Pet Treats

Atlanta, Georgia – Good Boys CBD will be soon be releasing a new line of CBD pet treats in delicious flavors every dog is sure to enjoy. Whether man’s best friend prefers chicken, steak, bacon, or just the bone, Good Boys CBD will have you covered. Delivering relief from anxiety, joint pain, cancer, and a variety of other aliments that plague your furry friend, these treats are a staple for any dog owner. Free of THC and with no psychoactive effects, your dog will feel relaxed and pain free without the high in a matter of minutes. 

The CBD industry is growing rapidly and with products popping up everyday, its hard to choose which brand to trust for your precious pet. Good Boys CBD set out to build a reputable CBD pet treat that both owner and pet are sure to love. Good Boys CBD curates their all natural dog treats, made in the USA, from the finest ingredients and top quality broad spectrum CBD. These treats contain all the heart healthy cannabidiols and other beneficial plant components without the THC. This ensures your pet gets all the anxiety and pain relief it needs without the harmful side effects of a THC-induced high.

Good Boys CBD is currently available for preorders online starting July 15th at goodboyscbd.com. You can follow them on instagram and Pinterest @goodboyscbd to see behind the scenes and stay up to date on exclusive offers.

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