CatchLive, Rewarded Social Media Platform: Commencing Social Media Channel

CatchLive, a rewarded social media platform fused with blockchain technology, opened social media channels such as Twitter and Medium, preparing vigorous interactions with global users.

CatchLive is a smartphone app which pursues communication and reward at the same time, and it boasts its distinction with others by: unlike traditional media, it enables horizontal transmission of information and diffusion through networks; it allows various contents that a person want to share to be shared easily through social media; it provides user-friendly UI and UX; and it minimizes censorship of published contents.

Focusing on such points, CatchLive provides basic functions that existing social media provide to use in social networks, and based on the user’s activities, it offers an additional reward – which is CatchLive token, which is listed on Bittrex.

CatchLive is designed to distribute rewards to all methods that the user contributes to the platform with, and in the future, it is planned to deploy a feature of live shopping, allowing in-app purchase. In this phase, in addition to existing PG payment, it is preparing to connect ecosystem to enable payment with the token in marketplaces, as a part of expansion of ecosystem.

CatchLive token can be claimed as a reward based on various activities in the platform, and the activities includes those directly connected to participation like platform running time, publishing and sharing an article and leaving a comment. When the upcoming live shopping feature goes live, the list of activities for reward will have more items like leaving a product review, purchasing a product and sharing a product.

Besides, CatchLive provides a built-in filter feature that allows users to perform colorful photo and video editing without using apps from other companies. It also includes a feature that the user can upload their photo and video contents to CatchLive only with several clicks, without going through a complicated process.

It features more relevant contents and advertisements for the user by collecting the user’s activity data. In the area, big data and blockchain technology are applied and the user’s activity data is stored securely in the blockchain, free from concerns of hijacking of the information.

According to the company, “CatchLive app is committed to its functions as social media with its leading features, then it becomes more characteristic service as a concept of use and reward by token is added to it. We are expecting that more people see the value in it.”


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