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Hello, I’m Mie. I’ve worked for over 10 years in the healthcare and personal finance industry, until Mie created Miemaster.com

Have you ever wondered the same question as Mie? “What is the most important thing for a person to have a happy life?”

The question seems so simple that Harvard University has spent 75 years researching, until Robert J. Waldinger – the 4th scientist succeeding the Harvard Research University, pointed out one thing in common:

They have strong, good relationships. They are family, close friends and confidants.

Great lesson during and after the Covid season

There are so many unpredictable uncertainties that Covid has taught us. Now is the time for us to seriously plan to ensure the health and finances of ourselves and our families as well as to prevent risks and unexpected events.

Health is definitely the most precious thing that everyone is afraid to lose.

Whether it’s personal finance, or business finance, being proactive in your ability to plan and prevent risks means that you will eventually “stand firm” to get through the “heart of the storm”.

We all have loved ones and all our efforts in the end just want our loved ones to have a better life, right?

However, the unfortunate thing is that every investment channel has an element of risk, more or less.

Warning signs for an investment with a high risk of failure?

Invest in channels where you have no information, are ignorant of information or have vague knowledge

“Throw money away” when there is not enough time to manage the investment we are involved in

Investments that are “praised” for “crazy” returns (which you yourself cannot understand why)

Reducing the risk of investment failure, Mie thinks you should start with 3 steps

Invest in yourself

Make small investments

Take the victory to raise the victory

Make yourself valuable “I will be …”

On that road you know what you have to do, what to learn to improve and upgrade yourself.

We invite you to accompany Mie to learn and share practical experiences, analysis and in-depth processing methods, with the spirit of constantly learning, always being optimistic, and seeing opportunities in every situation.

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