MTO releases its MVP for the first consumer protection protocol on Blockchain

After only 7 months HIPS has finally released the MVP showing how much has already progressed, the source code for this can be reviewed on the link below, and most importantly you can also request TEST MTOs to test it yourself. The project is still at very early stages, which is a great moment to jump in, considering that it has a very limited supply of only 92.5 Million tokens and it is currently trading at all times low, however this scenario should change very soon as there are plans for this year to build a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain, expanding their centralised exchange listing by listing in at least one tier 2 CEX, and the release of the Alpha version, with a new website and a new roadmap.

MTK BTEST0-1.jpg

The blockchain was developed to allow users to transfer value without the need of a middleman, however the current solutions are not ready to be implemented in the real world, as there’s no consumer protection and they rely on the consumer using a whole new ecosystem, which is not integrated to the current infrastructure forcing users to rely on centralised exchanges allowing them to be the middleman this technology aimed to remove.

Merchant Token is building the first Consumer protection protocol for the blockchain, this DeFI payment protocol will enable POS terminals on blockchain and bring consumer protection to crypto payments, using the current payment infrastructure to allow consumers and merchants to use crypto payments in a secure but most importantly already established way, completely cutting the middleman out, as consumers will be able to make payments for goods and services directly to the merchant while being protected.

About HIPS:

HIPS Payment Group is the company building the Merchant Token Payment protocol, it is fully regulated, and its CEO has over 20 years’ experience in the payment industry, Hips is a 100% partnership driven omnichannel white label payment gateway and payment platform for businesses that want to offer their customers payment terminals or online payment services. The company focus on the payment, the infrastructure, acquiring, issuing, licensing PCI certification, hardware and software so that the merchants can focus on the customers and sales.

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