JBAS, the Fully Decentralized NFT Brand, Announces Its Launch

Miami, FL / April 27, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / JBAS is proud to announce its launch today. Japanese Born Ape Society (JBAS) is an NFT brand inspired by the hyper-famous BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). As holders, the founders are able to create an extension of the Bored Apes, but with their own take, and more importantly by empowering their vision related to the NFT space.

JBAS is a collection of 10.000 apes inspired by Japan and its culture generated from over 180 Unique traits. Each ape is absolutely mind-blowing, but some are cooler and rarer than others. There will also be a total of 10 unique 1 of 1s. Distribution of the apes will be random at mint.

Besides being a simple, yet very cool looking profile picture that doubles as your Web3 Identity, JBAS will give you full decisional powers from day 1 of its journey. After the mint is completed, the apes will be revealed and all holders will be able to claim a Lotus Flower. Each wallet holding an Ape will claim 1 Lotus Flower. There will be a total of 9 different flowers varying in rarity that will determine on which matters holders can vote.

These flowers will be a whole new collection, which will be claimed for free by all holders and which will grant voting rights on all matters JBAS related. The most respectful members of the community, will have full voting rights on all matters, regardless of which flowers they withhold in their wallets.

Esmpeth said in an interview “I’m tired of seeing NFT projects coming up every single day, where the early investors (the minters) have absolutely no decisional power in the community. I understand that it is not easy to combine all ideas and thoughts to get a certain outcome and most founders fear this, but with the voting mechanics that we will have, the JBAS fam will surf the Web3 wave with excitement.”

These new voting mechanics, tied not only to 1 NFT but by the combination of 2, will be an opportunity for all early investors to determine the direction of the brand by directly being involved in the decision-making process for matters that they are genuinely interested in. Zenkon and Esmpeth strongly believe that members of the community should be informed and involved in the growth of the brand. At JBAS, the early investors, the minters, don’t just get a cool Jpeg, they get actual shares and voting rights in the company structure.

Additionally to the voting rights, holders will receive more exclusive benefits, such as access to the TEMPLE, a place in the metaverse accessible only to holders, FREE Merchandise, participation in charity donations, FREE Airdrops, 3D avatars and more.

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Company Name: JBAS
Contact Person: EsmpEth, Co-Founder
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website Url: https://www.japanesebornapesociety.com/


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