Getting To Know The Rising Rapper Airport Hippie

Airport Hippie is soon to be one of the most profound artists in the music industry. He found music in middle school freestyling with his friends as an escape from the realities of life, and this is how his musical journey began.

Producing massive bangers like “I’m Sorry”, breaking nearly 150,000 streams on spotify, releasing new music monthly, and partaking as an actor in a soon-to-be released movie titled “Sacred Heart” with Roy Jones Jr (Roy known for his role in movies like “The Matrix Reloaded”)… Airport Hippie has gained traction and popularity among his audience.

Since his discovery of music in middle school, he’s been grinding to make a difference in the music scene and to even shift lives.

Airport Hippie recently described this mission in an interview with SkyHigh:

“All my life I just felt like a complete outsider. It’s just super lonely and that shit hurts when I think about it. Struggling to fit in trying to understand why people don’t accept me for me.”

“I want to inspire kids and young adults that experienced some of the things I’ve went through in life to not be afraid to accomplish big things even when you feel the smallest.”

And so he has. Most recently Airport Hippie developed a free mindset-reset challenge deemed “The Portal” designed to do exactly that, motivating himself and others to cut ties with unnecessary stressors and make the most of life.

You can enter The Portal (while it’s up) by texting +1 805-600-2444

As we conclude this introduction to rising star Airport Hippie, while developing this article we managed to reach out directly to AP and discuss our curiosities towards his vision. When asked about some of the challenges he faces on his musical journey, Airport left a strong word of advice for upcoming musicians, and a first hand insight to the reality of the music industry.

“Do it for the right reasons, if you don’t genuinely love this shit, this industry will eat you alive and have yo ass in a mental asylum at the age of 18.”

Airport additionally left a final remark when we asked what “one message” he would like to give to our readers and his fans.

AP Stated, “Don’t ever compare your situation with anyone else’s. Everyone’s journey is different. Put in the work and enjoy the process, I promise you will not lose!”

Connect with Airport Hippie on social platforms below.

Instagram: AirportHippie TWITTER: AirportHippie FACEBOOK: AirportHippie TIKTOK: AirportHippie57 YOUTUBE: Airport Hippie

Stream his music on Spotify and Youtube

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