Day: February 4, 2021

OMPP/WOFP Endorses Release of HERBCITI IMMUNIES, the 100% Natural Immunomodulator against COVID-19

SEOUL, Korea – OMPP/WOFP endorses the worldwide release of HERBCITI IMMUNIES, 100% natural immunomodulator showings highly effective efficacy against COVID-19. HerbCiti LLC (Chairman Joo Pyo Hong), located in Silicon Valley, announces the release of HerbCiti ImmuniesTM, health supplement showing highly effective efficacy against COVID-19 with full support by Asia Pacific […]

Why Global PR Agencies Choose AsiaPresswire

Hong Kong – Many PR Agencies are switching to AsiaPresswire’s news release platform to win the attention of their clients from a global audience. These PR/IR organizations believe that AsiaPresswire has helped them save thousands of dollars compared with previous news release platforms. AsiaPresswire’s high-quality distribution services help end customers’ […]