New Nike Radiation Safety Glasses of 2022

04/22/2022 – Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK: At Safety Protection Glasses, our mission is to keep you supplied with the most relevant safety glasses out there that do what they’re actually supposed to do. That is, to offer you protective eyewear, either in general or specifically to a job you may have or a task that is part of your job. 

Nowhere do we find ourselves looking at safety more than when it comes to new radiation safety glasses in 2022. Sometimes this product seems to be only available with highly specialized stores, but we wanted to include it with our varied range of safety glasses. 

Safety Protection Glasses is dedicated to providing the best radiation safety glasses at affordable and reasonable prices. In addition, we make sure that as we’re growing our radiation selection and other safety glasses, we’re always searching for innovative technologies that are coming out all the time, focusing on medical personnel. 

So instead of having to wear uncomfortable, outdated models of radiation safety glasses in 2022, you should be able to opt for something that’s exceptionally comfortable to wear, not just good enough to wear, and that protects your eyes against radiation in general. 

We aren’t talking about sunglasses, UVA, UVB, or UVC radiation here. We’re not talking about blue light from a laptop monitor to reduce eye strain. Instead, we’re talking about that type of radiation that can cause severe eye damage, cancers, and even blindness. This also includes safer types of radiation such as X-Rays, which have even patients wear leather blankets when they’re getting their teeth checked at the dentist. 

That’s why we’re happy to offer another fantastic product to our continuously growing lineup of safety glasses. These are the Nike Radiation Safety Glasses. That’s right, the ones that make some of our favorite sneakers are also in the safety glasses industry, and these are a great option. The Nike Radiation Safety Glasses came out in 2022 and are great to look at and fully functional. 


First, we’ll discuss that they are very lightweight, which means they are perfect for x-ray technicians and Radiologists to wear all day, every day, without feeling any pressure or pinch on the nose. They’re designed with this comfort in mind to ensure that people will opt to wear them versus the alternative and get radiation poisoning in their eyes. 

Then comes the frames add-ons themselves, the protective side shields. These drop-down right around the frame and offer 0.5mmPB lead protection. The lead is there as it negates the radiation and covers the angles you might have forgotten about. These are part of the overall frames and lenses to provide total protection against consistent radiation exposure or usage. 


The lenses themselves are constructed from SF-6 Schott glass. These lenses have 0.75mmPB thickness, which is just the right amount to block out the radiation completely when it comes directly towards the lens itself. It’s as simple as that, and the price point is just right. Keep in mind that they will keep your eyes shielded like a suit of armor against your exposure to radiation around the eyes, keeping you healthy and confident with your daily usage of the machinery. 

Don’t hesitate to look at our offering and various styles that we have for these Nike Radiation Safety Glasses. There’s no reason to wear heavy-duty and unsightly radiation safety glasses. Instead, you should be able to wear safety glasses that resemble standard glasses but are simply infused with innovation and materials to offer you that perfect balance of safety and comfort. Get in touch at or call +44 2890 994 190 if you’ve any queries.

About Us: Safety Protection Glasses, your number one source for safety glasses. Safety Protection Glasses carries a wide variety of protective eyewear including; Laser Safety Glasses, Radiation Safety Glasses, X-ray glasses, Glassworking eyewear, Welding safety glasses, General safety, and Prescription eyewear. Safety Protection Glasses are one of the UK’s largest safety protection glasses manufacturers partnered with Phillips Safety Products, we operate as their European partner. Using quality CNC edging facilities, we can offer the highest quality prescriptions in a variety of frames. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best lenses and range of frames for your sector, with a focus on safety, dependability, and customer service.

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